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Any questions on life? Struggles? Problems? Seeking for advice? I’m building up my list of possible topics and I only have a few. If you have one please message me! 

I’m back!

I’ve been so busy that I couldn’t find time to go on tumblr for a long time. But I’m back! I’ll be posting soon so stay tuned. I have lost some followers here and there and I have some that were loyal. Either way, I’m planning to get you guys back. So tell me how have you been? Or if you have any topics you’d like to share about and you seek for my advice. I’m here. 

Feelings are all relevant when said, but you will never know what it feels like inside the person feeling it.

Sometimes you have to think less of what makes you sad, and focus more on what makes you happy.

Things change.


Things don’t stay the same forever. People change, feelings change, even the environment around you changes. The fact, that something will stay the same is inevitable. Things change for better or for worse. It’s just apart of life. All we can do is learn to accept it. 

Just maybe…


I plan to do all the things we said we would. I plan to see you one day and feel your warm embrace. I plan to see us together and happy. Maybe one day, there is a right time and place for everything.

"Fuck it", is another saying of I once care too much.

In these times,


I just need someone who will take the time to listen. They can sit and listen to me with all their heart as I pour out my burdens. I just need someone to empathize with. Be there for me, comfort me no matter what.

Live your life on how you want it, not how others expect you live it.


Their opinions don’t matter. You make your happiness, your choices, you have the right to make the decisions in your life. No one else but you.

All I want is happiness.


To be honest, all I really wanted is happiness. Happiness is the root to all good. I miss being legit happy. When I was actually stress-free. Being happy, is all I wish for. Is that too much to ask for?

Smiles are so deceiving


I smile a lot. It’s my personality. Something may be bothering, irritating, pressuring, or glooming me. But I always tend to just smile it off. Smiling is my only way of showing the world that “I’m fine”. But one things for sure, when you see me I’ll be smiling my teeth out despite what I’m feeling or going through inside.



Is probably one of the worst feelings ever.. Being alone in a world; probably the worst choice ever, yet it’s a bittersweet feeling. That we all need. Sometimes being solitary is good for us. Sometimes bad. It’s just a time where we find ourselves.

blu-exorcixt asked:
well if your style has changed, whatever you changed about it, i'm sure, compliments you well. fads have changed from decades ago yknow

Aha, alrighty love.

blu-exorcixt asked:
yeah, your style is nice.

Thank you, but those pics are from decades ago! Lol, I haven’t been on here in forever.

kays-jewelerz asked:
thanks for the follow ! :)

You’re welcome, enjoy my blog lovely!